Manual A Man of Glass & All the Ways We Have Failed

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Lots of neutral things. Things that don't make sense, and shouldn't. It is a circle. Seriously one of the coolest prose books I've read in a long long time. Reading the novel is an experience in itself--one that requires wrapping your head around these images and trying to find meaning while waiting for the snippets of information in-between. Descriptive language that expresses the longing and heartache dominates the piece: In darkness he paints the outline of her shoulder, the silhouette of her, the nomenclature of her, the fists of her, the legs of her, the back of her.

Repetition and interplay of words make for beautiful passages. Beyond this, the novel is fueled in such a way that is often underrated and largely unseen, and demonstrates the power of such subtleties as figurative language, structure, as well as a truly talented writer. After it has been stripped bare, the novel is left naked, exposed, unhindered, beautiful. Fields, Feed. A captain and his sword, the words she doesn't hear.

This is a man being so much other than. How the love falls out of him, replaced by beads, by water, by nails, by cardboard. Bent on a curb, blowing kisses to dead lips in that window above, a voice calling out a name, her not looking down at the wreckage. Feedback and performance reviews are essential to helping employees develop professionally and for companies to identify top performers for new positions.

When unconscious bias finds its way into these important tools for advancement, it can cause women to be held back under the radar. Most managers already find it difficult to give constructive feedback, even when their employees ask for it.

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If male managers hold on to an unconscious fear that women will be more likely to react emotionally to feedback, their female reports will not receive the same coaching opportunities as their male peers. People also have a tendency to see certain behaviors as primarily male or female. Therefore, studies show that when women demonstrate qualities typically associated with men, it is often criticized. However, a study by Zenger and Folkman sought to evaluate the effectiveness of male versus female leaders in 16 leadership qualities.

A Man of Glass & All the Ways We Have Failed

Perhaps most convincing of all, a meta-analysis of 99 data sets from 95 studies conducted between published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, similarly found that female leaders were rated by their reports, peers and managers as being just as or even more effective than male leaders. The interesting question is why women continue to be overlooked for leadership positions? These studies may reveal some answers.

The problem is not just how men and women are being stereotyped but also how roles are being stereotyped. These traits represent an outdated perception we have of the typical authoritarian manager who oversees, pushes for results and relays information from the executive level. Continuing to rely on this standard view of the typical manager is not only blocking women from being chosen for leadership positions, but also harming many organizations.

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In effect, not only are our perceptions of female vs male leaders incorrect, our perceptions of what makes a great leader are also based on outdated stereotypes. Companies like Paradigm and Textio , for example, are helping major tech companies overcome this challenge by offering trainings and workshops on implicit bias and opening up their hiring practices to more diverse candidates.

Meanwhile, Google has come up with its own internal program to help its people recognize unconscious bias. It has also publicly shared the slides and training materials it presents to its employees. Artemis Hunt.

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