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Duane was also responsible for prose adaptations of several scripts from The Outer Limits. She has also written numerous short stories, about equally divided between fantasy and science fiction, which have appeared in various anthologies and collections over the last twenty years. Duane has worked in television since the early s, initially becoming involved in script work at the Hanna-Barbera animation studio now Cartoon Network.

After writing numerous scripts for such series as Scooby and Scrappy-Doo , Captain Caveman , Space Stars , Fonz and the Happy Days Gang , Biskitts , and Laverne and Shirley in the Army , she moved on to work in development and serve as a staff writer at Filmation , and in was hired to story-edit the DiC animated series Dinosaucers.

Shortly thereafter she co-wrote with her husband scripts for Batman: The Animated Series and for Gargoyles. The miniseries aired in Germany on the Sat. A "megafeature" cut of the entire miniseries was aired on Channel Four television in the UK in December Duane was also a co-author of the Barbie movie Barbie: Fairytopia. An adaptation of So You Want to be a Wizard is currently in the works. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American author. Keeper of the City. The Door Into Fire 1st ed. Southeast Missourian. Retrieved Out of Ambit. Archived from the original on 18 October Feline Wizards 3: The Big Meow.

Archived from the original on Retrieved 4 October Retrieved 22 January The Ringworld engineers. New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. Barbie: Fairytopia. Random House Children's Books. In addition to the prize-winning book, the Committee of judges issued a special commendation to the Young Wizard's series by Diane Duane "for its courage in tackling moral and emotional issues set on the frontiers of magic. In addition, the author's diverse worldview enhances the appeal of the series. Unending war is worse, and it always means that both sides don't want peace. The only solution is to physically prevent the two sides from being in the same place or time.

Jul 03, Melissa Railey rated it it was amazing. I've been reading the Young Wizards since I was in middle school and I absolutely love these books. When I heard that A Wizard of Mars was coming out, I rushed to Amazon and pre-ordered the book so that I would have it delivered to my home on release day. And then let it sit in my TBR stack for over a year. I finally picked it up this week and started reading it and have been asking myself the same question all week: In this ninth book, Nita Callahan and I've been reading the Young Wizards since I was in middle school and I absolutely love these books.

Nita and Kit but mostly Kit are working to try and figure out the secrets of Mars and the truth to the question about was there ever life on Mars and what happened to Mars' planetary kernel. Kit accidentally triggers events that leads to the life emerging on Mars again. As always, I loved this book.

I enjoyed seeing Nita and Kit growing up and starting to examine their relationship with one another and finally starting to start thinking about romance come on it's been thirty years! Now, how long until the next book comes out? I definitely won't be letting that one sit on my TBR stack for a year.

May 31, Alexi rated it really liked it Shelves: Not Duane's best book ever, but its heart overcomes its flaws.


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Nita's side of the plot lagged noticeably in the middle third of the book, and the detail heavy narration on every "spell" grew tedious. Then again, I'm not much of a sci-fi fan, so I have less patience for such details in any case. Still, it felt more Particularly in the beginning. However, I simply scanned when I got bor Not Duane's best book ever, but its heart overcomes its flaws.

However, I simply scanned when I got bored—and if I skipped a few descriptions of things, well, it didn't effect my enjoyment of the rest of it.

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Nita and Kit are hitting the teenage years, and Duane handles aging them expertly. They're still the characters you love, but equipped with a very natural mixture of new wisdom and new confusion as they begin to approach the adult world. Both are handling some form of loss, and it is gently poignant. We also see some interesting family dynamics in both households, especially when Kit's oldest sister comes home.

A Wizard of Mars

Finally, the last third of the book is exciting, and very reminiscent of earlier books in the series, with just Kit and Nita in on the action. Something that I missed in the last installment. Worth reading, if you like the series. I have a feeling that I will enjoy it even more on the second read through. Mar 04, Julie rated it liked it Shelves: Despite the fact they're 'wizards', I have a really hard time calling this fantasy. So it's getting only a science fiction tag from me.

As I was reading, I sort of half-remembered what had gone on before. By the time I reached the end of the book, I came to the conclusion that I had missed a book somehow. But now I need to forget enough of the spoilers to be able to go back and read it. And you should probably start with So You Want to be a Wizard and read them in order. Even t Despite the fact they're 'wizards', I have a really hard time calling this fantasy.

Even though A Wizard Abroad rather sucked. I read it twice, and it sucked both times.

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In this one, Kit is fascinated with Mars. And he and Ronan and Darryl and Nita and his sister and some other less human wizards keep popping up to Mars and back down to Earth.

See a Problem?

And if you asked me how many times they went up there, I couldn't tell you. If you wanted a timeline of events.. I'd be hardpressed to tell you and get it correct. So there was this old alien culture up there on Mars, and they're out to solve the mystery of it. Where did they go? What happened to them? Unfortunately, Kit and Nita's relationship starts moving beyond the friend and partner stage.


I was hoping they'd never do that. Jan 10, Luann rated it really liked it Shelves: I thought this was so much fun! I loved all the Mars bits. Duane must have had a ton of fun researching for this one - watching all sorts of old "Mars attacks" movies. She made me want to sit down and watch some! My one complaint with this is that it is far too long! I would have enjoy I thought this was so much fun! I would have enjoyed the story much more with about fewer pages, and I really think the story would have been better for it.

But the trend these days seems to be longer and longer books, especially as you go further into a series. So others must like it or authors wouldn't do it. But for me it is enough to bring what would have probably been a 5-star book down to a solid 4. View all 3 comments. All the Mars references were pretty darn cool. I actually understood them all this time! Glad to see shades of gray introduced with the Lone Power's influence. All 8 previous books have been about direct conflicts, and this one finally breaks the pattern. Let me use spoiler tags: They are fantastic as friends who work together.

These teens know each other very well and other than battling their hormones sometimes, I think them "being together" will not be a sappy gooey romance. May 25, Candace rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It just seems a little strange to me that a phenomenon so big was being dealt with by so few people in such a way that it felt fixed. It felt like it had been done before, and obviously, so it bothered me that no one else in the text made that connection.