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This system is also feature rich, easy to operate and secure and stable.

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Although easily customizable and user-friendly, the software is intelligent enough to understand the processes of any direct selling business with multi-level commissions. Epixel software modules offer unlimited scalability, enabling users to easily integrate it into their business structure and workflows while being flexible enough to grow alongside their business. The system is affordable while still being able to give users the functionalities and the tools they need.

A free demo is available. HomeOffice Pro has been customized to work directly with a sales funnel making it easy for a sales team to forge strong relationships that lead to recruiting strong business partners. Their features, along with a high degree of software efficiency, and quality of services and support are for MLM direct selling companies. From powerful software that integrates all mission critical operations to a suite of easy to use online independent distributor marketing, communication, and reporting tools, users get solutions that can support organizations from pre-launch start-ups to international MLM Corporations with multiple users.

MLM soft, founded in , is a cloud based software solution for MLM companies that are starting up or are already established. This feature rich systems will assist you with keeping your network relationships, commission calculations and financial management running smoothly.

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The software was developed with the start-up company in mind and an understanding of the challenges and budget limitations a newly fledged company faces. The MLM Soft platform allows users to get their business operational quickly with zero start-up costs for the software infrastructure needed to support it. A number of pricing plans together with a free trial are offered.

A complete windows based CRM Business tool. The hub of any successful network marketing operation.

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MLM Customer Relationship Management System will gives the ability to track customers, distributors, sales and pay bonuses. Users can register for a free 90 trial on the website. This gives users all the information needed to manage their business from start-up to international MLM organization. Two pricing plans, with a one off payment, are offered.

An instalment payment plan is also offered. For more details please visit the website. A demo version is available. It is endowed with a lot of capabilities that will enable users to meet sophisticate demands. This feature rich software has a variety of systems that enables it to execute tasks.

It involves clients, distributors and corporate representatives among others. It offers distributors a profit making strategy to stir profits and efficacy in how they spend their finances.

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It enables workers to spend less time executing tasks saving time to handle other tasks. A detailed explanation of the pricing is available on the website. With Simple Prospect manager managing your prospects and helping your Downline IBO or team member to develop a list of names becomes simple.

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Advertise your network marketing company in major business opportunity magazines, including "Business Opportunities," "Home Business" and "Small Business Opportunities. Mail a sales letter brochure and order form out to people who respond to your classified ads. Call people back when they inquire about your network marketing opportunity. Recruit distributors into your business on an ongoing basis.

Create a website and include your website in your classified advertisements. This will give people another way to join your network marketing opportunity.

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Get a merchant account through your bank so you can accept credit cards online. Find a web designer if you are unable to create your own website. Have the web designer create self-replicating sites for your distributors so they can recruit their own distributors. Self-replicating sites will have the same URL or address as your site, but with unique extensions or identification numbers.

The success of any networking marketing company is contingent upon building a deep organizational structure. Skip to main content. Make sure you don't make one of these 6 mistakes to increase the odds of your success. The first step, and often the most difficult one, is finding new customers and potential business builders. Your ability to find prospects will be the key to success in your MLM business. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of direct sales companies to choose from. It's always best to choose a company that has a product or service you enjoy, and a marketing plan you can implement.

If you're interested in a company that's not on this list, or you want a list of more companies, search the Direct Selling Association membership.

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