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Kaschek et al. Kaschek, C. Kop, C. Steinberger, G. Chari, A. Roth, A.

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Filipe and D. Marca and B. Shishkov and M.

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ICGSE Tagungsband zum do it. Hinkelmann, D. Karagiannis, N. Stojanovic, G. Becker, H.

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Boudjlida, N. Proceedings der 1. Manolopoulos; J. Filipe; P. Constantopoulos; J. Stockinger, R. Buyya, R. Castro; E. Karmakar, P. Meersman, Z. Numerical models Numerical models are represented by physical measurements that are represented by numerical values, such as trajectories representing movements. Data acquisition strategies for bottom-up modeling There are different existing strategies for data acquisition.

Data acquisition by observation Data acquisition strategies are methods that are of interest to the process modeler and can be employed for the realization of surgical and technical use-cases. Open in a separate window. Figure Data acquisition by sensor systems Furthermore, there are many data acquisition strategies that rely on sensors rather than on human observers.

Model generalization and transformation strategies The ultimate goal for the developers of SPMs is the creation of models that can, according to the paradigm of individualization in Medicine 4. Modeling languages Basically, there is no designated or recommended language for the modeling of SPMs yet. Model application examples The application range of SPMs is diverse and multifaceted. SPMs for visualization and analysis Alongside the performance of analyses, SPM is one of the easiest yet most effective application areas to allow for a useful and utilizable visualization of the course of a surgical intervention.

Evaluation of SAS using SPMs The question of whether a new SAS contributes to the surgical performance needs to be answered qualitatively and quantitatively, supported by evidence gathered from structured data analyses. Evaluation and comparison of surgical approaches In [ 58 ], SPMs were used to optimize patient treatment strategies. Process compliance assessment Until now, the use for SPMs to perform requirements analyses, evaluations, and comparison has been presented.

SPMs for workflow management in the OR In modern ORs, the need for intelligent information presentation has been identified to prevent an information overload for surgeons and other OR staff [ 60 ], [ 61 ], [ 62 ], [ 63 ]. Conclusion The ensuing synergy between surgeons and technology is not yet fully matured, leading to breaches in the surgical workflow, delays of operating times, and media disruptions.

Supporting Information Click here for additional data file. Publication Funding The German Society of Surgery funded the article processing charges of this article. Progressive specialization within general surgery: adding to the complexity of workforce planning. J Am Coll Surg ;— J Am Coll Surg. Use of operating room information system data to predict the impact of reducing turnover times on staffing costs.

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Curr Opin Anesthesiol ;— Curr Opin Anesthesiol. The drive for operating room efficiency will increase quality of patient care. Anaesthesist ;— Setting a research agenda for perioperative systems design. Surg Innov ;— Surg Innov. Inf Spekt ;— Inf Spekt. A multimedia electronic patient record ePR system for image-assisted minimally invasive spinal surgery. Gadatsch A. Springer-Verlag; Rosenkranz F. Scheer A-W. Neumuth T. Oxford English Dictionary. Surgery Definition of Surgery.

Surgery, Cambridge Dictionary. German Ministry for Education and Research; German Ministry for Education and Research.

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Workflow Management Coalition; Workflow Management Coalition. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Spektrum; Bungartz H-J.

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Validation of knowledge acquisition for surgical process models. J Am Med Inform Assoc ;— J Am Med Inform Assoc. An observation support system with an adaptive ontology-driven user interface for the modeling of complex behaviors during surgical interventions. Behav Res Methods ;— Behav Res Methods. Modeling surgical processes: a four-level translational approach.

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Computer Assisted Medical and Surgical Interventions. Paris: Sauchamps Medical; — Troccaz J, Merloz P, editors. Paris: Sauchamps Medical; SWAN-Suite: the tool landscape for surgical workflow analysis; pp. Real-time identification of operating room state from video. Vancouver; British Columbia, Canada: Real-time identification of operating room state from video; pp. Automatic classification of minimally invasive instruments based on endoscopic image sequences. Automatic phases recognition in pituitary surgeries by microscope images classification.

In: Navab N, Jannin P, editors. Information Processing in Computer-Assisted Interventions. Navab N, Jannin P, editors.


Generalized approach for modeling minimally invasive surgery as a stochastic process using a discrete Markov model. Modeling and online recognition of surgical phases using hidden Markov models. Statistical modeling and recognition of surgical workflow. Med Image Anal ;— Med Image Anal. RFID-based surgical instrument detection using hidden Markov models. SI-1 Track-H; Intra-operative surgical instrument usage detection on a multi-sensor table. Real-time instrument detection in minimally invasive surgery using radiofrequency identification technology.

J Surg Res ;— J Surg Res. Sensor-based surgical activity recognition in unconstrained environments. Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol ;— Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol.