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"Evidence of Things Unseen"

Michelle Paver earned a degree in biochemistry from Oxford University and worked for some time as a lawyer specializing in patent litigation, but she gave up that career to focus on her dream of writing full time. She succeeded in that aim, establishing herself as an author of adult fiction before beginning to write children's books.

The British author's love of myth, folklore and history has informed all her writing, such as the "Daughters of Eden" series, set in Jamaica, and the novel A Place in the Hills , set in the Pyrenees mountains.

Paver's children's book series, "Chronicles of Ancient Darkness," is set in northeastern Europe some six thousand years ago, after the end of the last Ice Age. It was a time before agriculture, when people lived as hunter-gatherers. To research her story, the author traveled to remote areas in Finland, living outdoors in primitive conditions. Her dedicated research makes her work vivid and compelling, according to numerous reviewers. I was sitting in my garden and the glimmer of an idea suddenly came to me and in a few hours I had mapped out the entire series of six books!

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