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He grew up in Orem, Utah. Initially, I thought of Naugle as the Pied Piper of doubters, merrily guiding Mormons into digital sin. The Boy Scouts are a sore spot. He recalls one incident when he and several co-Scouts were playing Go Fish on a camping trip. One of the particularly devout troop leaders, in an apparent geyser of reverence, blustered into their tent.

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He told the boys that by playing with face cards, they were summoning Satan and told them to go pray for an hour. President Joseph F. His parents, having left the Church themselves, are supportive. The family felt shunned. I basically did the same, and my younger brother as well. He would rather never return. Naugle estimates that he has processed over 40, requests so far. Sometimes the Church does contact loved ones of people who have put in resignation requests. I probably should have communicated that a little bit better. Not everyone in the ex-Mormon community has requested name removal.

Joseph spent a semester at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

The Mormon Church vs. the internet

I guess you could call them butterflies. Most of the former Mormons I spoke to craved immediate cathartic closure, like Evan Lloyd. By the time Jaimie read it, Josh had been ready to leave the Church for some time. He had reached out to a friend of theirs whom they suspected had already left the Church. The man had pointed Josh to QuitMormon, so he was ready to put in their requests as soon as Jaimie wanted to leave. Josh and Jaimie had resigned themselves to helping their children remain in the Church if they wanted to, and they explained their decision to their children in turn.

Their eldest daughter, then 11, had already been baptized, and she chose to leave with them. They put in another QuitMormon. When they asked their eight-year-old daughter whether she wanted to remain in the Church, she told her parents that she wanted to experience what her older sister had experienced during her baptism. Josh and Jaimie froze somewhere between puzzlement and support.

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The eight-year-old went on. He and Jaimie unfroze, relieved.

Timeline: The Early History of the Mormons

Jaimie and Josh began to move on from the Church. They no longer went to church or tithed.

They watched Game of Thrones — porn shoulders everywhere — without shame. Then Jaimie got a call from a sympathetic friend who is still active in the Church. He also says that canceled records are not accessible to bishops. Naugle says the Church has only recently begun removing the names of unbaptized children. For a while, he was considering a class action lawsuit. This cannot be legal.

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Naugle has encountered other specious bureaucratic roadblocks in his work. Last year, the Church claimed that fraudulent requests for resignation were being submitted to QuitMormon, and Naugle was required to add an identity verification step to his process.

Further, the law allowed the government to deny civil rights to polygamists without a trial. In , Congress passed the Edmunds-Tucker Act , which allowed prosecutors to force plural wives to testify against their husbands, abolished the right of women to vote, disincorporated the church, and confiscated the church's property.

QuitMormon and the tricky process of leaving the Church - The Verge

Church leadership officially ended the practice in , based on a revelation to Wilford Woodruff called the Manifesto. The church's modern era began soon after it renounced polygamy in Prior to the Manifesto , church leaders had been in hiding, many ecclesiastical matters had been neglected, [13] and the church organization itself had been disincorporated. With the reduction in federal pressure afforded by the Manifesto, however, the church began to re-establish its institutions. The Manifesto did not, itself, eliminate the practice of new plural marriages, as they continued to occur clandestinely, mostly with church approval and authority.

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Despite being admitted to the United States, Utah was initially unsuccessful in having its elected representatives and senators seated in the United States Congress. In , Utah elected general authority B. Roberts, however, was denied a seat there because he was practicing polygamy.

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In , the Utah legislature selected Reed Smoot , also an LDS general authority but also a monogamist, as its first senator. From to , the United States Senate conducted a series of Congressional hearings on whether Smoot should be seated. Eventually, the Senate granted Smoot a seat and allowed him to vote.

However, the hearings raised controversy as to whether polygamy had actually been abandoned as claimed in the Manifesto, and whether the LDS Church continued to exercise influence on Utah politics. In response to these hearings, President of the Church Joseph F. Smith issued a Second Manifesto denying that any post-Manifesto marriages had the church's sanction, [18] and announcing that those entering such marriages in the future would be excommunicated.

The Second Manifesto did not annul existing plural marriages within the church, and the church tolerated some degree of polygamy into at least the s. However, eventually the church adopted a policy of excommunicating its members found practicing polygamy and today seeks to actively distance itself from Mormon fundamentalist groups still practicing polygamy. However, if a Mormon man becomes widowed, he can be sealed to another woman while remaining sealed to his first wife.

However, if a woman becomes widowed, she will not be allowed to be sealed to another man. She can be married by law, but not sealed in the temple. In , the Utah Territory had become one of the first polities to grant women the right to vote—a right which the U. Congress revoked in as part of the Edmunds-Tucker Act. As a result, a number of LDS women became active and vocal proponents of women's rights. Wells, who was both a feminist and a polygamist, wrote vocally in favor of a woman's role in the political process and public discourse.

National suffrage leaders, however, were somewhat perplexed by the seeming paradox between Utah's progressive stand on women's rights, and the church's stand on polygamy. In , after the church officially renounced polygamy, U. Anthony and Anna Howard Shaw. The Utah Woman Suffrage Association, which had been formed in as a branch of the American Woman Suffrage Association which in became the National American Woman Suffrage Association , was then successful in demanding that the constitution of the nascent state of Utah should enfranchise women.

In , Utah became the third state in the U. The LDS church was actively involved in support of the temperance movement in the 19th century, and then the prohibition movement in the early 20th century. Mormonism has had a mixed relationship with socialism in its various forms. In the earliest days of Mormonism, Joseph Smith had established a form of Christian communalism , an idea made popular during the Second Great Awakening , combined with a move toward theocracy.

Mormons referred to this form of theocratic communalism as the United Order , or the law of consecration. While short-lived during the life of Joseph Smith, the United Order was re-established for a time in several communities of Utah during the theocratic political leadership of Brigham Young. Some aspects of secular socialism also found place in the political views of Joseph Smith, who ran for President of the United States on a platform which included a nationalized bank that he believed would do away with much of the abuses of private banks.